Tommy Deogan. Single Father of two, living in Stockholm Sweden and only started as a DJ some 2 years ago. At first, it was a tool of trauma-recovery which then turned into a passion. People quickly saw and heard the potential in me in front of the turntables and from that point on, I was given professional DJ coaching. I won’t just yet disclose which pro-DJ I had as my mentor, but given the amazingly quick progress I have made – from never having touched a turntable to the level I am mixing today, I think we can all understand it was, and still is, someone who is great within the scene.

I have never really seen DJ´ing as ”my way”, as it initially started as one hell of a tool to fight back panic attacks and the trauma I was carrying from my earlier life, before I arrived in Canada and connection with the DJ scene and world. Briefly, as many people tend to wonder what it was that happened – basically before this, I had spent my whole life (since the age of 19) fighting segregation, no-go zones and all the social problems that we are seeing at its peak in today’s Sweden.

Born and raised, having lived all my life in the most infamous nogo-zone, just outside of Stockholm I came into a collision course with radical movements that had thrived in the area for decades, even being state-funded. This was amongst else things that I fought, but the Swedish main society, being so far off our immigrant areas, has never had the balls to listen or fight this. So I stood rather alone in that area for a long time and finally, I had to pay the ultimate price for it as well.

A trailer (which was aired in Canada) regarding this matter is called ”Deogan´s 19” and is listed in my video playlist here on Reverb Nation.

Anyway, before all that I have been working as a professional speaker – held lectures for a full-time job and had an agency in Sweden called Talarforum – for many years. I have written and published 3 books in Sweden and worked with politics and within the Swedish parliament. I have also run my own company and the fact of the matter is, i was the first – still am to this date – and only non-police who has been educating and teaching at the Swedish police academy.

My brother died a violent death back in 2002, in a football-hooligan fight in Stockholm between two rival hooligan groups. His death has always been a strong driving force of mine, ”to make it” and that was my last promise to him standing next to his coffin at his funeral. So I guess, whatever I put my mind to – I will succeed. As you can see from this bio-text. Maybe a bit long, but i don’t know how to summarize my life and all that I have done and accomplished in it to this day, in only 1-2 sentences.

Today, I no longer live in that nogo-zone, i own some real-estates within them and are renting out apartments in the same area where I grew up and lived my whole life up until only 2 years ago. I now live in a big house, with a big guest house, a pool, sauna and large fenced land with my 70 Kg Rottweiler Roy, one rooster and 3 hens. I made a class trip – singlehandedly by my own two – and against all odds truly, that I am most proud of in my life.

You can watch me and listen to my music at Reverb Nation here.
Where I will be releasing all my music & videos
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